Another Ridiculous Opinion by Pg. Abdul Rahman

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I don’t have to put up any arguments. Just take a read. I think you’ll agree with me his arguments are crap.

oh and there’s a troll in the comment section by the name of Baharuddin. He is not to be taken seriously. A troll does what a troll does best. to provoke.


Brunei Financial Trouble

A little bit of history. Just found it.

Concerned about Dawah’s fanaticism

I am really getting concerned about Ali’s fanaticism (see last post). This is what he posted in YouTube.

The reason there are so many tyrants in the world is because these are the individuals who have convinced everyone else that pacifism is a necessity.”

“It is far better for the people, in their passion for justice, to give heart to a king, than to move a bureaucracy. It is better for a people, in their passion for justice, to take away one man, than to fight a nest of vipers”

Democracies are only good for one thing: Revolutions.

Yep. He wants a revolution to happen. No doubt about it. It seems he wants democracy to end in place of a theocracy. He wants to see blood shed. You can say I’m taking his quotes out of context but i don’t think i am. I don’t feel his passion for justice but instead an obsession. I really think he should lay off YT and just take another long break – contemplate and reflect and lay off the Hookah. I think he should try to find an approach similar to Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. Will Ali take this approach? I highly doubt it.

Dawahfilms – getting crazier

I just had to post this up. Dawahfilms@Ali has involved himself in another shit-storm on Youtube (YT) since the drama with Thunderf00t. This time, he started it all by himself. Ali is supposedly a ‘moderate’ Muslim Youtuber and blogger. He uses those mediums to express his views on various topics. I’ve seen some of his earlier videos and they were well put together. He actually had ‘good’ arguments to present. Off course, it would get ripped apart by atheists on YT. One person makes an argument and another  responds with a rebuttal. You also have arguments going on in the comment section. This was normal. He even had the support of a few atheists despite the differing views.

And then came the Dawahfilms – Thunderf00t drama. A whole spat of exchanges ensued. I’m not going to post the video exchanges. You can look it up yourself. Long story short, it ended up getting Thunderf00t fired from his work and Ali being questioned by the FBI. I’m not going to say who was wrong or right…not in this post. The whole drama eventually died down on YT but i do not think that Ali ever let the issue go. By this time he did not make much videos and almost stopped commenting on YT. He uploaded videos criticizing the “enlightened man” (more specifically the western world/atheist). I share my views, along with many others in saying that his recent arguments were symptoms from his clinging obsession of the Thunderf00t debacle. It wasn’t much news to me. He can present his arguments and let the discussion take its course.

Then he posted this stupid video.

In summation of the video: He bitches about atheist not getting priorities straight and wants to direct attention to major systemic problems in the West. He wants to see a revolution and accuses atheists on YT of not doing enough. First of all, he’s  a HYPOCRITE. You’re doing the same exact thing you are arguing against. All i can feel is hot air. We’ll take you more seriously at least when you take some action. So i would suggest you to get off the Hookah and go back to America. But off course, rather than doing that, you would rather watch the West burn.

In one of his comments, he said that his presentation was the best way to get people to “realize” the situation. So Ali, you think the best way is to chastise atheists on YT? For all the intellect that you claim to have, you think this was the best way? Maybe if you wanted to start the revolution to fix the west (which you would also like to see burn to the ground), you would address your message to the Christians, Muslims and all the religions that just give money to charities. I think that would be more plausible, don’t you think so? How much of the world population you think are atheists, particularly on YT? The western society is based on democratic principles and you expect atheists to lead the revolution? Furthermore, atheism isn’t typically a banner or a roll call, especially with regards to solving economic and political issues. I believe there are various platforms that are able to address the issues you are talking about, without singling out atheists.

The video has shown his arrogance and downfall. He let the whole Thunderf00t ordeal get to him. It made him crazy and  i sense a touch of extremism. He is no longer the moderate he once was. Frankly, after hearing this rant, i do not know if he was ever one.

Where does our morality come from?

This is another random post. Its been in my head so I’ll just get it out. The discussion about morality has always cropped up in debates. Its a simple question. Where does our morality come from? Theist would argue our morality comes from God. However this concept would presents itself with another problem: which God should we obey? When we based our morality on a God, we are actually externalizing our morality to a deity. And depending on the deity you worship, moral laws change. For example if you worshiped the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, it would be alright to engage in sex orgies, which i don’t mind 😉 However if you worship an Abrahamic God, that would be atrociously sinful. So in the end, even if morality is based on God, isn’t it still subjective to the teachings we are following?

This is the way i see morality, in the end it is all subjective. But if all morality is subjective how do we ever decide what is right or wrong? How do we have Objective morality – principles that most, if not all of us can agree on? For example, the golden rule of morality: –

“Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.”””

And this has been a central tenet in many religion and philosophy. Far from being attributed to God (which is also very subjective), objective morality can be derived simply from the rational nature to live. Isn’t it common sense not to cause trouble and invite danger – to yourself and potentially your family? Without objective laws, our society would simply crumble into anarchy. So first point is that it is only rational to have objective laws. Identifying the first few objective laws should be easy, for example Do not commit murder, Do not steal, Do not rape etc. Beyond the obvious, people can start disagreeing what is morally right or wrong, that’s when morality becomes subjective. That is why you still have debates on morals and ethics today. For example, is it justifiable to detain prisoners for long periods without any evidence just because the authorities suspect the prisoners to be terrorists? Is Euthanasia acceptable? Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? etc

Even the Mafia has objectives laws. Otherwise, the family will crumble

Another question commonly asked is if a majority of society follows a certain teaching or form of morality, then does morality become warped to that society? The answer is yes, however societies with different morals can come into conflict (much like the conflict between the east and the west). If you were a white male born in Nazi Germany, you might have been brainwashed to think that Jews were evil and had to be exterminated. Unless society can accommodate every moral standard, then you will have conflicts which are potentially dangerous and ultimately destructive to societies, especially the smaller/less powerful ones. After many centuries of conflicts and two world wars, our morality has been shaped to what it has become today. Indeed, we have come a long way. We have vilified slavery, racism and sexism. It is through our rationality to decrease conflict that those achievements have been made. (you could also argue that because of our stupidity, we learned morality the hard way)

As a reminder, I’m answering the question of where our morality comes from and whether it is objective or subjective. I am not saying that we have become better moral creatures just because we’re in the 21st century. There are conflicts between societies and between the society and ourselves. The best way to move forward is to have our morality rationalized, debated and reasoned with rather than being imposed upon.

Finally, one last thing i  think should not be overlooked is the power of empathy. To me, this is the biological imprint for us to care for one another, thus increasing our chances of survival. This may be the basis of our golden rule. Our rational thinking just helps make sense of it.

I leave you with this question: –


Should we Legalize?


Sorry guys, I’ve decided not to be active anymore. I will be updating the videos in the other pages for your interest. And if you have any question or help with arguments, please post a comment in any of the pages or posts. Might write a few things once in a while – but I’m focusing my time to actually doing practical projects. 🙂



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Review on KONY

Just wanted to do a little review on KONY and retract my full support. I still thinks its a great idea but there are some concerns about the KONY 2012 campaign. Visible children has put some light on the ‘invisible children’ group.

How you tell the story is much better than what the story is?

The concerns with many people is that this situation was massively over-hyped and the story was manipulated to support the invisible children’s KONY 2012 campaign. A huge focus has been placed on KONY and the LRA but not on more important issues such as rebuilding and land conflicts.

From the Guardian Piece,

Six or 10 years ago, this would have been a really effective campaign strategy to get international campaigning. But today, years after Kony has moved away from Uganda, I think campaigning that appeals to these emotions[…] The circumstances in the north have changed.”

Many NGOs and the government, especially local government in the north, are about rebuilding and securing lives for children, in education, sanitation, health and livelihoods. International campaigning that doesn’t support this agenda is not so useful at this point. We have moved beyond that.”

Land is the major issue: after many years of displacement, there is quite a bit of land-related conflict”

We need to secure social stability, health and education. These are the priorities. […] Poverty is high compared to the rest of the country. That’s the practical issue that needs to be addressed.”

“[…]at the end of the day, there are more pressing things to deal with. If the Americans had wanted to arrest him, they would have done that a long time ago.”

It doesn’t sound like a fair representation of Uganda. We have challenges within the country, but certainly the perception of a country at war is not accurate at all

The video would have been appealing in the last decade. Now we just need support for the recovery rather than all this international attention on this one point”

Therefore the main problem lies with ethical boundaries being breached. It really is a common problem with many aid foundations. Despite all the concerns, i thought it was an effective campaign. It worked. The thing is, would you still support an organization that you thought to have manipulated the facts to serve their own agendas?


Please WATCH this and spread it around on Facebook, twitter and any social networks. I’m doing my part to help out. We have all of 2012 to do this.

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New movies i’m looking forward to :D

Taking a break from heavy subjects for the moment. Been browsing through some movie trailers. Here are some of the movies I’m looking forward to watching.



The prequel to Alien. And its directed by the original director, Ridley Scott. This has gotta be good. The mystery of the Alien may finally be solved.


The final chapter of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Gonna be epic.


Oh yeah. After all those Marvel Movies the wait is finally over


The guys dream movie of action packed testosterone masculinity to the max! Ohh yeah.


As always, Pixar dishes out great animated films. Can’t wait to watch this one.


I’m not expecting anything great out of this. The reason i’m going to watch this is because of 1) Liam Neeson and 2) It’ll make a good popcorn movie